Saturday, January 12, 2013

My New Nunavut Plate Is Binary!

Photographs copyright -- Ron Wassink

 I went to the licence office in Iqaluit to pick up my new 
licence plate for my Ford pickup truck. I've been going to the
office daily for the past month to check on numbers. I was
hoping to get 000999. I was a day late and ended up with
001011. I'm happy, and lucky. My plate represents
computer binary code. I did an internet search to see
if 001011 translates to English. No luck yet. However,
I am positive this licence plate is my lottery win. No one
in the world will have a plate that's binary. Add to that
the new plate is supposed to have 25 stars representing
the communities of Nunavut. I counted 18 on mine.

I now own two polar bear collector plates. I have been
corresponding with a person in Europe interested in buying
one of my polar bear plates. My old bear licence plates
are similar to what my friend, Brian (below) is holding.
Brian tells me that a plate with the "N" letter is most
valuable as this represents a personal plate (not commercial).

 Brian owns many Nunavut collector licence plates.
Last I heard is he had an American buyer wanting
his entire polar bear plate collection.
Below are some of his licence plates that I photographed.

Nunavut became Canada's newest territory in 1999.
The territory had an agreement with Northwest Territories
to use the NWT polar bear plate, but that agreement
expired and Nunavut had to design and develop its
own licence plate. The Nunavut polar bear plate
became extinct in July 2012.